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The October numbers are here

For Thu. 9/14/2023 thru Wed. 10/11/2023,
Top 5+ demo rankings analysis from Research Director Inc.:

25-54: 1. KOSI (up from #4) 2. KTCL 3. KXKL 4. KRFX (down from #1T) 5. KLDV 6T. KYGO 6T. KQMT 6T. KIMN 6T. KXPK
18-34: 1. KTCL 2. KALC (up from #6) 3T. KRFX 3T. KQKS 5T. KOSI 5T. KQMT 5T. KIMN (up from #9)
18-49: 1. KTCL 2. KXKL 3. KOSI (up from #6) 4T. KRFX 4T. KXPK 6T. KYGO (down from #3) 6T. KALC
KOSI should be doing the Christmas thing soon around Nov. 10 or 17th I think. KOSI is most likely the top AC station in the market in numerous demos.
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