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Looking for the name of Voice Over Talent that did work for SMN in the '80s & 90s.


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Looking for the name of Voice Over Talent that did work for SMN in the '80s & 90s.

Who was doing the voice overs for "The Heat" in the late 80's - early 90s on Satellite Music Network, also known as SMN? I have an mp3 but this site wouldn't let me upload the file.
Not an answer to Radioeast's question, about another voice, but possibly not radio.

I recently received a scam call regarding student loan relieve and the entry voicer's voice could be someone in the broadcast industry. At least, I'd hope it wasn't someone conned into doing the voicer.

The call-in number is 309-220-3361 and yes, using some of the number look-ups, it is related to the scam. For most telephone or cell phone operations, *67 blocks the caller ID information, so, in theory, if someone calls that number as *67-309-220-3361, no caller ID goes with the call.

Anyone have an idea whom the voicer is?
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