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We read two days of school lunch menu on air twice a day, 720am and 420pm. We mention sunrise and sunset times for today and tomorrow every time we do weather at 30 past 7-9am and 12-5pm.

I also spend an hour or so Saturday morning prepping “morning update” posts to go on the KSKO Public Radio 89.5 FM Facebook page with weather, sunrise/sunset, school lunch menu and community activity information. This is all prepped Saturday by noon and scheduled to post about 6am local time every day.

I simply go back the night before and update the weather forecasts, takes me 2 minutes and the rest of the info is already there. Saves me some time from having to generate a post every day first thing in the morning.

I'm a staff of 1 1/2 with no News director or GM/OM, so I do what I can to get info out to my listeners.

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