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Denver LPFM applications - 97.9 and 105.5

Mark Roberts

Star Participant
There are three mutually exclusive LPFM applications for either Northglenn or Thornton, with sites very close together, at 97.9. This would block fringe reception of KXBG Cheyenne, Wyoming (which is possible and consistent in east Denver). This frequency is also first-adjacent to K251CV Golden (//KQKS-HD3, "Mile High Sports", site on Lookout Mountain) and K249EX (//KBNO(AM), "Que Bueno", also on Lookout). This could result in another tangled mess of translators and LPFMs in Denver, similar to the situation at 93.7, 93.9, and 94.1.

There are two mutually exclusive LPFM applications on 105.5. One is from "Denver Community Radio" with a site near Englewood. The other is from the African Chamber of Commerce Colorado with a site on the south side of Aurora near the Quincy Reservoir. I suspect that Community Radio for Northern Colorado will not be too happy with this one. Its KJAC, "The Colorado Sound", puts in a quite usable signal (in stereo) in Denver proper and in Aurora and is likely to sustain interference from these proposals, despite what the calculations might otherwise indicate.
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