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Thread: Danny bonaduche

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    Danny bonaduche

    Is 102.5 KZOK from Seattle the only station Danny Bonaduche is on he use to be on WYSP back in the day

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    KZOK is the only station.

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    I actually remember him being on Eagle 106 WEGX.

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    Did anyone see him as the security guard on "The Kids Are Alright" who kept the boy from that show off the "Partridge Family" lot (or tried to)? I didn't know it was him until I saw the credits but it was a great choice.

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    He was also on BIG 105 in the apple, great morning show, and he isn't too bad in the ring either, I saw him in a few boxing matches, the dude is one tough hombre....

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    And don't forget his stint doing mornings for KYSR FM (Star 98.7) in Los Angeles with Jamie White.

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    Bonaduce is an intelligent interview but he has the common sense of an earthworm. He flies off the handle way too quickly and becomes involved with individuals scraped from the bottom of the barrel. Why he keeps getting on-air gigs is way beyond me except that hiring GM's must be desperate for "edginess". His childhood co-stars will tell you he was like that way back then.

    And, he is not nearly as tough as one might think. He got into a scrap with a transvestite prostitute years ago in Phoenix and the guy/girl almost killed him.

    He could-a been a star. Tragic.
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    Darius Barney was the transvestite prostitute. I had just moved to Phoenix the year before. (1990) and was in Iraq with the AZ National Guard when the fight happened. We all laughed our asses off when we heard about Danny.

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    Danny Bonaduche

    I'd like to buy a vowel, please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FreddyE1977 View Post
    Danny Bonaduche

    I'd like to buy a vowel, please.
    Does anyone remember danny bonaduche interview with bridgette the midgette?

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