Hello, My name is Michael Fox, the producer of the Music Expert Retro Countdown.

We are beginning to syndicate the show and with last week's email, picked up 8 new stations. And we would like you to get the chance to pick up the show as well. Your email address was given to me by fans of the show in your area that listen online or through the TuneIn app. If you have received this email prior, or I missed deleting you off the list if you are one of our new stations, apologies.

ABOUT THE SHOW: The show, hosted by Jeff Michaels, is a weekly, 4 hour journey through a week in time. We pick a date close to the broadcast date and countdown the entire top 40. Plus add features and songs below the 40 to create a nice spectrum of things to bring the listener back.

We usually pick years between 1965 and 1989, but have gone outside the spectrum for special reasons. In addition, we do twice a year "Year End Style" two part Top 100 shows and offer themed specials from time to time.

In the past we have done entire shows on The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Weird Al Yankovic, The Supremes, Queen, Chicago and The Eagles, among others. AND we have done One Hit Wonders of the 70's, #2 Hits, One Hit Wonders of the 80's, The top Christmas songs of All Time and The Top hits in Canada in the 80's.

These specials can be requested for special airings, such as on Holidays.

Each hour is 50 minutes long with an optional extra that is no longer than 4 minutes, giving you local commercial/promo time of 6-10 minutes. You can also fill in with PSA's, Climate Connections, News, Weather or filler songs to get to the top of the hour. And with a chance to promote your station happenings and shows, this may draw listeners to my show, to other ones on your station.

We use the Billboard charts for all dates up to July 4th, 1970. Since Casey Kasem began with the July 11, 1970 chart, we then switch to Cashbox.

We are currently heard on 10 stations and are growing. Make sure you get the power of our fanbase that can listen from all over the world. They're a die hard bunch!

COST: Absolutely nothing. We will do this on a barter basis. If you sign up, let us know if you are a non commercial or community station, as once we get a good amount of stations, we may sell time. Plus we will advertise on our Facebook page as to when you air the show and your internet stream, or availability on TuneIn, so that out of area listeners can tune in as well. AND we do station mentions once a show, and this will call attention to your station as well, giving listeners a chance to tune in at their convenience.

SHOW DEMO: You can pick which show you'd like to hear at our Facebook page: Music Expert Retro Countdown Look at the Pinned Post and see several specials and weekly styled shows. This way, you can check out the format AND see what you think. These are free to download. OR, if you want a scoped demo, please email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to send you one or more.

The show became available starting the weekend of July 5-7. We will upload the show each Monday to the dropbox we have, and though we prefer a Friday-Sunday airing, any other day will do.