In some markets such as Los Angeles and Cincinnati, iHeart runs two talk stations. The big power one (KFI, WLW) is all local almost all day. Then there is a secondary station that carries the Premiere Networks talk shows, KEIB in LA, WKRC in Cincinnati.

But in Denver, iHeart now has THREE AM talk stations. First is KOA, mostly local, plus Rush Limbaugh 10am-1pm, Coast to Coast AM 11pm-3am and This Morning with Gordon Deal, 3-5am. Then it has 630 KHOW running a mix of syndicated and local. KHOW has its own local morning and afternoon show, plus in late mornings, there is Tom Martino, The Troubleshooter (consumer advocate), based at KHOW and syndicated to a few other stations. The rest of the KHOW schedule is lesser Premiere syndicated shows. And it runs Red Eye Radio overnight from Westwood One-Cumulus, something iHeart usually doesn't do.

And now it has added 760 KDFD, with all syndicated programming, some of it duplicated from KOA (Limbaugh) and KHOW (Hannity and Beck). I guess KDFD will get Rush, Sean and Glenn to itself when KOA and KHOW find replacements.

The three AM signals are really good, at least in the daytime. As David says above, KDFD and KOA are both 50,000 watts, heard from Colorado Springs and Pueblo up to Wyoming. And both have translators. KOA has two translators at 94.1, one in Golden, just west of Denver, and one in Boulder, north of Denver. I wonder if you can drive from Denver to Boulder and never lose the station on 94.1 or have bad audio when you are moving from the signal of one translator to the other? KDFD now has its own translator at 93.7, located in Lakewood, adjacent to Denver.

It occurred to me that at one time Clear Channel/iHeart did have three talk stations in Denver, but 760 was progressive talk. Thom Hartmann, Stephanie Miller, Ed Shultz, Randi Rhodes and a local morning show. But no overlap with KOA or KHOW. It was as different as when it was a sports station. Could KHOW eventually become a progressive talk station? Colorado is now a fairly reliable blue state. Does it make sense for iHeart to have three talk stations all aiming conservative?