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That's the standard response from AOR fans, though, Llew. There are still people who claim KMET in L.A. should never have become KTWV and should change back now. KMET lasted 19 years---KTWV's going on 33.

KMEL was in the 1.6 range in the ratings and not even in the top 20 stations when it flipped. Its peak was in the early 80s---right after KSAN went Country in the fall of 1980. Within a couple of years, it fell and was bumping along with 2s or less for the last couple years of its life.

BTW, the date for KMEL is correct. The CHR launch was August 25, 1984. Here's audio: https://formatchange.com/106-1-kmel-goes-chr/
Being an LA ex-pat, I can see the nostalgia for KMET - it was a real heritage "underground" FM station. I can still remember my first year of college, when KMET was still playing "elevator" music 12 hours a day, but let B. Mitchell Reed loose to play the other 12.

"Camel" on the other hand was kind of a Johnny-come-lately to album rock, had a rather tight playlist (IIRC) and didn't bring anything new to the format. No loss.

Come to think of it, I don't remember any big ground-swell of support and angst when KSAN went country, either