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    The River

    Iheart owns two radio stations that I know called the river WRVV in Harrisburg and WHCN in Hartford is the river just an Iheart Brand and do you consider both stations similar

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    There are actually quite a few, and they're not all owned by iHeart. Entercom owns WRVR in Memphis, and there's an indie River in Boston. Most of them are variations of AC, but the Cox River in Atlanta is classic rock.

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    The Philadelphia page is probably not the place to discuss the number of stations that use "The River" as moniker. There are stations called The River in a number of other markets, including Atlanta, Boston, Detroit-Windsor, Nashville, Memphis, Boise, etc. So this might be best discussed on the national radio page.

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    Classic Hits WODE 99.9 Easton actually was called "The River" for a very short time in 2001 when they dropped oldies and went to classic hits. Clear Channel (as the company was then called) was less than amused since there's a good bit of overlap between WRVV and WODE in areas like Berks County and WODE quickly became "The Hawk."

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