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Thread: Fast (talk) Radio

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    Fast (talk) Radio

    Some of my DVD players play DVDs at 1.3x/1.4x with correct pitch sound.

    My idea is to use time compression + pitch shift technology to compress
    (for example) a 3 hour (*recorded*) talk radio program into 2 hours (with
    the same number of uncompressed ads/hour).

    The hard breaks at the top and bottom of the hour could be handled by
    repeating the last 30 seconds of the compressed audio with the lead in
    that says "we now join the following program already in progress".

    Bumper music would sound a little odd, but, IIRC, most people can
    follow talk up to about ~2.5x.

    This would obviously allow a Talk Radio station to carry more talk radio
    programs /day.

    Kirk Bayne

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    Some people feel Ben Shapiro talks too fast already, so what would you do with him?

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    This is technically possible, as you say for pre-recorded programs. But, much like your post a few weeks ago about Quad, just because something is technically possible does not mean it makes business sense.

    The bottom line is that producing talk programming costs money, so unless speeding up the hosts will increase audience substantially the idea is DOA. My gut says that speeding up the hosts by that much would decrease audience instead, especially among older folks who may not have the highest fidelity hearing any longer and among AM stations who never had the highest fidelity audio.
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