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Thread: New station on 103.9 FM in Smiley TX

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    New station on 103.9 FM in Smiley TX

    Has anyone else heard this station KBQQ 103.9 Smiley, from the area east of San Antonio?

    It's part of a bigger network calling itself No Bull Radio.

    All I've heard is classic country, mostly really old country with Alex Jones on weeknights at 11:00 PM. The sound is loud and all the people in the country areas it serves probably like it.

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    I can pick it up regularly heading down to Lavaca county. Good station just not in stereo.
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    KBQQ was in stereo last I heard it clearly, though they could do with turning the volume down slightly with their transmitter.

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    I Wish 103.9 Austin Translator Would Shut Off This New Station Could Be Heard Along With 103.9 KBEY Burnet Too Close For Austin Too Have A Translator

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    You could look up the Austin translator and ask them to change frequencies.

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    Not that simple. To apply for a translator, you hire an engineering firm to check the entire dial (92-108 for commercial stations) to locate the biggest geographic area without interference and the least noise.Thus, you pick the best available and apply. KBEY is, contrary to what was written, not too close to Austin for a translator. As has been explained many times, the FCC has certain requirements pertaining to not causing interference to a certain strength signal. It is impossible to get a construction permit to build a station if your study shows it would cause any interference with another station per FCC Rules. KBEY could care less about a listener in Austin or near Austin. KBEY cares about the Highland Lakes area where their listeners and advertisers are. Their 60 dbu does not reach Travis County and their 54 dbu might hit Spicewood. Beyond that point Robert is likely the only KBEY listener via radio and if they do have a listener or two it would be their online stream. So, both stations exist with the FCC's blessing and nobody with a translator is going to spend a ton of money to change a translator's coverage over one distant listener who likely only listens a few minutes a few times a year because he enjoys DXing stations, a rather fun hobby that is much more difficult these days. Let's get real: This is akin to you buying a house and your neighbor says they have their view obstructed by your house because they remember the view before your house was built. Are you going to say, okay, I'll just buy a lot somewhere else and pay to move your house so your neighbor can have their view again. Robert might buy the translator and turn it in to the FCC but you can bet somebody else would apply for it because it is a good frequency.

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