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Thread: Old CD 101.9 (WQCD) relic

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    Old CD 101.9 (WQCD) relic


    Just decided to share this old CD 101.9 clip uploaded by VWestlife. It was some kind of promotion for $10,000 and a trip for 2.


    Hope you enjoy.

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    In the fine print at the end, it mentions that they made 520,000 copies of that videotape, 500,000 of which were mailed to people in the station's listening area. Combine that with the cost of producing the video itself, which I'm sure wasn't cheap, and the money and Hawaii vacation they were giving away in the contest, this whole thing easily could've been over a million-dollar expense for WQCD and Emmis.
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    Wow, I listened mostly to the smooth jazz station in Miami during that era,
    but CD101.9 did sound great. Three years later, I found Watercolors on XM.
    I am going to go and find something sAxy by Kenny G or David Sandborn now.
    Thanks for posting.
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