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Thread: Observations of K259CF South Fresno

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    I actually get 99.7 KIOO Classic Rock Porterville/Visalia instead of KKDJ most of the time and like KKDJ they have a different playlist than 95.7 The Fox, but I also listen The The Blaze and 105.5 KJWL that all have songs that played on KKDJ back in the 80s, but I know what you mean those rare songs, but it was 35-40 years ago, the old Album Rock format just doesn't work in Fresno anymore, not enough Demos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VOL559 View Post
    Dude,I’m just making observations after listening for weeks because I stuck with the station hoping that management takes a look at what a listener is saying,trust me the second we get WiFi at work it’s back to Stern, lithium,1st wave,octane and Ozzy’s boneyard. Much like the 2016 election, K259CF ,the lesser of two evils
    Don't sweat these guys comments VOL559. Just go to the L.A. board and see how much time they spend yammering about the 38th ranked (KABC) and 45th ranked (KSUR) stations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robnokshus06 View Post

    Don't sweat these guys comments VOL559. Just go to the L.A. board and see how much time they spend yammering about the 38th ranked (KABC) and 45th ranked (KSUR) stations.
    I've not listended for more than a coule minutes for weeks. I am not missing anything. I would assume I'm not alone in how I feel. Consider that someone has sufficient resources to realize a personal goal (this translator) - nothing really wrong with that.

    No, the morning show doesn't fit. They're not bad for a small market and would certainly fit in a conservative format. Would certainly work in Redding or Yreka maybe... It's just not enough to draw me into their App or Tune-in.

    Radio for those of us plus 50 years is dead unless you seek it out and good luck in your search. And, I agree with David, even the best of classic rock won't work in Fresno. The demos just don't support it. And, if you're like me, over 50 with dialed-in Classic Rock on my iPhone, work computer, and on my home system, who cares if it's local? I listen for music and deep tracks specials and not because of the station being local. What do I gain from something local?

    Ok, outta here, it's time almost time for the 10 at 10 on my Classic Rock "go to" station, which cranks damn good numbers in Chicago...1975 tonight...worth a listen to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VOL559 View Post
    Get some local talent that will interact with the listeners or go jockless because the Danny and Kate,Crysta are not suited for this format
    Few stations these days interact with listeners for a variety of reasons. First, we are hesitant to put "phoners" on the air due to dueling codecs which make most cellphone calls of poor quality. Second, most people in Gen X and Millennial age groups don't talk on the phone... they text and message. Very few people will call and wait on hold to be part of a radio show. Third, the folks who will "interact" are not a usual cross-section of the audience.

    If you’re going to brag about a 1300 song library then don’t play the same song multiple times during the week or day,I heard ‘I was made for lovin’ you’ and ‘Sweet child o’ mine’ three times in a single day. Open up that playlist.
    1300 songs is enough to not repeat for about 4 to 5 days. And if you rotate them all the same, the weakest ones will play as much as the strong ones.

    I've worked with a station in Fresno that did have close to that big a library... over 900 songs. But the biggest ones got played once to twice a day, and the weakest played about every 10 days. But to do that, a very complex horizontal and vertical rotation has to be developed to make sure that repeat plays rotate through different dayparts and weekdays / weekends before coming back in the same time periods. Nearly no small market station does this right.

    If you’re claiming to be “Live in studio” then be there,don’t VT your show and claim it’s live.
    That's a non-issue to listeners. "Live from beautiful downtown Burbank, it's the Tonight Show... and heeeeerrrrssss Johnny!" It was not live and nobody cared if it was not recorded "tonight" unless you are talking about nighttime in Madrid.

    I know KKDJ will never be duplicated and certainly not by Verne Chris Edwards White,a station like KKDJ only comes around once on a lifetime and it’s legacy still continues to this day,if you choose to believe that is up to you. Being born and raised in Fresno,KKDJ had a definite effect on a generation and after working in Knoxville,Roanoke and Spokane I can tell you first hand after finding out I was from Fresno the first 20 minutes were spent talking about KKDJ.
    The best years of KKDJ were around 35 years ago. Most of the listeners who would remember it and care are now out of the age groups that advertisers... even local direct accounts... have a strong interest in reaching.
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    My first time back on the board in months and can only shake my head at the K259CF comments.

    Between the years 1980 - 1985 the former106 provided things no other music station in Fresno did at that time or has since. One thing was a sense of community Not just serving the community, but giving us the sense we belonged to a special inside secret community. Might i add it was a secret community way, way, way, hipper than the rest of you outside squares. You didn't get it then, you don't get it now cause you just plain don't get it. Period. We listeners took pride in that station. We were proud that a local station could be that darn cool! There were inside jokes, endearing characters. It was a running soap opera which was at times a revolving door of hip jocks that lesned their own special ways, sometimes musically and sometimes humorously. The music was the binder, the glue. The wide variety of
    musical ultrahipness was it's fragrance.

    Oh wait. Dang it i forgot it's 2019! Who needs that in this day and age? Silly me. We've moved on from all that now.

    You should be ashamed of yourselves! You that attempt to minimize the influence and success of the former 106. In the same breath of foul expurgence you rationalize, compartmentalize and justify some of the same thinking that has done much to kill terrestrial radio. Congratulations. It sucks and ain't nobody home. Speaking of sucks, I turned K259CF on s total of twice in the last 5 months and both times i knew they were back to SUCKS within one song. I got my hopes up for a while in the fall and winter. For that brief stretch I could not help being incredibly excited in anticipation of what the next day would bring. What it is now may as well be broadcasting on the 40 meter band on shortwave. The signal would be better than it is now and still wouldn't be anyone listening.

    i could care less about how many cookie cut, repetitive, sanatized, homogenized, tightly formatted, age, race, gender specific stations are playing what in this market. They can sound perfect as hell but it's still cold and dry and musically dead. Who said Johnny Carson??! Doink!!! You could do the same Carson 5 minute monlogue over and over for an hour and it would still be more interesting that this lifeless crap that's on commercial FM in Fresno. Come on! Like Fresno radio is Carson? Oh my. WTH.

    I do understand some of the posts though. I mean, like, why would anyone in 2019 want community, want hipness, want variety, personality, uniqueness, quirky comedy, a sound it's own that crosses genres but makes absolute sense? Who would want that? Unless of course you're on the outside and just don't get it. "Do you? Mr. Jones" . Who wants energy? Who wants real life? Some of what i read here makes me crazy. It's almost like the very people responsible for killing the spirit of radio are in our midsts justifying the carnage and extolling the virtues of their continuing murder by numbers..

    Keep hoping Vol!!! I salute you for being our Edward R Murrow and reporting on the status of "operation carpetbagger" and the ongoing, inevitable destruction of those once proud call letters that are now much less meaningful and probably worth a lot less than they were a year ago....

    And by the way. Dean Opperman should sue the hell out of management for some of the crap I've seen posted on Facebook and in here under a number of aliases. Mr Opperman would have one leg to stand and one to kick ass with if he chose to do so. Just sayin'.....
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    This is merely an inquiry and I hope someone can provide some clarity on this. I thought KKDJ/KYAF-K259CF was off-limits from discussion. Thank You for Your Time.

    04/30/19 - You do not name the station, it's dial position, the personalities or anything else about the station or program that would make it listenable to others.

    If you are talking about the Firebaugh FM and its translator, those do not really cover "Fresno" as they are each far off from the city itself.

    Any more such posts and this thread will be ended, too.

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