WMXD has a good jump to #1, while WNIC notches a decent gain for #2. Last month's champ, WCSX, is flat and drops to #3. WWJ managed a slight gain for #4, which is a strong spot for it this time of year. WKQI was #5.

Despite the Tigers being in full swing, The Ticket is flat and at #6. Not good at all for this time of year. WOMC, Young Country, WRIF and WDVD round out the Top 10.

While WLLZ was flat, it held the gain from the prior month and is clearly the reason WCSX has fallen. Considering this was being treated as a throwaway station and the fall of WCSX and WOMC has allowed two iHeart properties to take the top spots is a feather in the cap for iHeart local management.

98.7 continues to do well with the Soft AC format. WJR saw a notable drop to #16. Both NASH and WYCD were up slightly.

The purchase of WDMK by Beasley raises questions for the direction of both the main station and the popular HD-2 which kept the Gospel format. I assume Beasley intends to better try to compete against WMXD. Time will tell. WMXDs gain last month came, at least in part, at the expense of sister station WJLB.

I'll be interested to see what the June book has in store!