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    KNTH Audio

    Today from 310pm to 345pm, I was trying to listen to the Salem Radio host, former presidential advisor, Sebastian Gorka, on the Big 1070. The audio was terrible as if routed through a veggie chopper in a lightning storm. I hung in for a while to hear an always interesting guest, pollster Scott Rasmussen, but then had to bail. If it was a network issue, the audio would clear up during local ads and promos, but it did not, so it must be a transmitter, STL, or other local problem. Checked back at 410pm, same audio mess -- perhaps Chuck Tiller can fill us in on the reason and expected fix time.

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    The problem is called "Temperature Inversion." The problem exists usually in the early morning hours during the fall and spring, when ground and air temperatures vary enough to cause interference. Occasionally, heavy thunderstorms at the transmitter site off FM1960, will have the same results. This was the case yesterday. The new auto mode switch did not work, so I had to do it manually. Today, it will be different.
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