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Thread: San Bernardino radio ratings for May 2019.

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    San Bernardino radio ratings for May 2019.

    Well the news is great for KOLA 8.0 share
    Meanwhile 97.5 is trending downward
    6.4 don't get me started with KHTI they are at a 0.5 ratings share can anyone say format flip?
    Here are the latest ratings for all of riverside-san Bernardino.

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    I remember what David said
    He said if a station is at 0.4 share advertisers won't even look at the station. It's basically at that point right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 34james View Post
    Meanwhile 97.5 is trending downward
    Entravision could not care less about the IE ratings. They are not even listed as "home" to that metro, per a Neilsen procedure where an out of market station can designate itself as home to another market.

    They have dramatically increased in LA, their target market, and are now the #4 Spanish language station there in the target demos for Hispanic buys.
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