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Thread: Holy cow, KROQ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by macattack View Post

    I thought when you did a count KPNT had 30 to KYSR's 27, unless that's changed recently.
    It's not as much about the number of currents as it is about how often they rotate and, as a result, how many play each hour.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidEduardo View Post
    That is not a "test". It is just a system for exposing new music to smaller segments of the audience first. Note that the steps start with time of the day or week when audience levels for radio are at their lowest.

    What you describe is simply a stairstep rotational pattern that starts with one show, moves to dayparting and then, maybe gets on the full playlist. Lots of stations do this in one way or another.

    But there is no "testing" going on as there is no formal measure of acceptance / rejection. They are just easing the songs into rotation. And I'll bet they look at on-demand statistics and Nielsen moment-by moment (if they buy that data) for guidance.
    ON THE MONEY here, David. EVEN on my favorite station KCSN/KSBR 88.8 FM. They do that on almost every new track or artist. Sometimes I will hear something that seems out of place on the station (maybe a little too hard rock, or too poppy, or too synthesized) and eventually that track is gone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saladressing View Post
    With regard to the on point posts in this thread about gold-based alternative 91X and active/alternative hybrid 105.7 The Point both being outliers in the incredibly staid format of alt which is now softer than soft ac, I'd like to add another to the pile, Alt 93.3/Minneapolis, the peashooter translator fed by HD that deviates very sharply from the soft safe sounds of iheart's other "Alt" stations. For that reason I wish they would have gone with the name they initially flirted with, 93.3 The Edge, as an homage to the once great 93.7 The Edge in the same market that generated some of the best ratings for any commercial alternative station during its time. 93.7 The Edge..a topic for another time.

    Alt 93.3 is an alt/active hybrid. While it's far from what comm. alt. should be at this point in time had the format followed its original instincts of playing what's new, fresh and vibrant rather than what they've done by allowing themselves to be what they're told to be by the powers within the control grid, below is what Alt 93.3 has played in recent hours. Dandy Warhols, Sevendust, Gargbage, White Zombie, Taking Back Sunday, The Used.. pretty cool for an alt station years and years ago but today there really is no such thing as Alternative format. It's either Nostalgia or Soft Indie Folk.

    So it's too bad there aren't any programmers with guts that would step outside the norm to play what the kids are actually listening to (trap metal and experimental hip hop among many other genres etc), but I get it, they simply aren't allowed to do so. Until then, this lumbering old-based rock-based playlist will have to do.

    Crazily, this playlist looks flat out revolutionary compared to the softer than soft ac sounds of commercial alternative stations nationwide. Again, it's by design and I get it but that doesn't mean I don't get to comment on it. last one to leave turn the lightz out zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Alt 93.3 Minneapolis 6/16/17

    So I am going to put an asterisk by the tracks I have heard on KCSN/KSBR 88.5 FM (AAA format) and see how much duplication there is.
    Alt 93.3 Minneapolis 6/16/17

    *Little Black Submarines - The Black Keys
    Black - Sevendust
    One Step Closer - Linkin Park
    Genghis Khan - Miike Snow
    The Calling - The Killers
    *Yellow Ledbetter - Pearl Jam
    *Glory - Friday Pilots Club
    A Decade Under The Influence - Taking Back Sunday
    The Taste Of Ink - The Used
    S.O.S. (Sawed Off Shotgun) - The Glorious Sons
    BOOM - X Ambassadors
    *Lo/Hi - The Black Keys
    Intergalactic - Beastie Boys
    *Wish I Knew You - The Revivalists
    The Rascal King - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    TAKE MY FIRE - Switchfoot
    Knights of Cydonia - Muse
    Bled for Days - Static-X
    *Such Great Heights - The Postal Service
    *It Doesn't Matter Why - Silversun Pickups
    Vultures - Asking Alexandria
    Dangerous (feat. Joywave) - Big Data
    Muzzle - Smashing Pumpkins
    MANTRA - Bring Me the Horizon
    Low - The Driver Era
    Eddie Vedder - Local H
    Around the World - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Jumpsuit - Twenty One Pilots
    Too Bad - Rival Sons
    Loner - YUNGBLUD
    *Santa Monica (Re-Recorded) - Everclear
    Santa Monica (Re-Recorded)
    *Tick Tick Boom - The Hives
    *Bohemian Like You - The Dandy Warhols
    Lover, Leaver - Greta Van Fleet
    *Saw Lightning - Beck
    Shots - Imagine Dragons
    Thunder Kiss '65 - White Zombie
    *Passion - AWOLNATION
    That's My Baby - Sleeper Agent
    *Short Skirt / Long Jacket - Cake
    Blood // Water - grandson
    In Degrees - Foals
    Gone Away - The Offspring
    Pretty Girl (The Way) - Sugarcult
    *Queer - Garbage
    Trainwreck 1979 - Death from Above 1979
    People's Champ - Arkells
    *Fell On Black Days - Soundgarden
    *Alligator - Of Monsters and Men
    Running Away - Hoobastank
    Megalomaniac - Incubus
    Ghost - Badflower
    *One Magic Moment - Bad Suns
    Hash Pipe - Weezer
    Lash Out - Alice Merton
    *Inside Out - Eve 6
    Be My Fire - The Blue Stones
    *Ready To Let Go - Cage the Elephant

    So about a 1/3

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