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Thread: Billie Eilish on Alt-Rock Stations

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    Quote Originally Posted by gamefreak View Post
    However, I do still like some hard rock and would like to see new hard rock artists, as well as veterans with new singles, getting airplay on alternative.
    My view is a bit different. Getting radio airplay is a competition. It's not a charity. If you want to get played next to the big stars, you need to earn that spot. Part of that is making undeniable music, and part of that is having the willingness to do the hard work that all the big stars did 20-30 years ago. Plus someone in the orbit has to come up with marketing ideas, because the band isn't going to do that.

    Some people talk about how it takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a village to make an artist. Used to be, you had a record label you could depend on to help. That's probably not going to happen now. But there's someone in the orbit, maybe the manager, maybe the agent, maybe a writer who's willing to get behind a band. Sometimes that's all it takes. But it has to start somewhere. Radio isn't where it starts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gamefreak View Post
    My biggest pet peeve with Alternative currently is that, despite indie-pop doing well on the format, that the format still doesn't have the gender balance it once had prior to the mid-1990's. For instance, the local Alt station were I live played a band I love called Chvrches at one of their concerts, despite the band only getting very light airplay on said station. The fact of the matter is 1990's and 2000's rock gold is whats limiting the exposure of new and upcoming artists, especially if the artists are female. Yes, I would prefer an Alternative format that mixes post-punk, synthpop, punk, EDM and power pop over one that emphasizes hard rock exclusively. However, I do still like some hard rock and would like to see new hard rock artists, as well as veterans with new singles, getting airplay on alternative.
    One of my favorite years for the format was 2011 and the first half of 2012. We had grinding rockers from Chevelle ("Face to the Floor), Seether ("Country Song", "Tonight"), Avenged Sevenfold ("Welcome to the Family" and ballad "So Far Away") and Alter Bridge ("Isolation") make noise. Metal bands Volbeat, Halestrom, and even Mastodon snuck into airplay. Veteran rock bands like Bush, Foo Fighters, Cake, and Switchfoot returned with excellent singles (and in most case albums). Punk had a surge with Rise Against, Bayside, A Day To Remember, and others getting spins. Indie rock from The Black Keys, Cage the Elephant, The Joy Formidable, and Young the Giant did well. Offbeat left-of-center artists like Foster The People ("Pumped Up Kicks") The Naked and the Famous ("Youngblood") and Gotye ("Somebody I Used To Know") added quirky freshness. It was great.

    The problem is that the soft quirky stuff kept crossing over to pop so alt programmers started shunting anything with serious amps off their playlists outside of the aging 90's gold tracks starting in around maybe June or July of 2012. I feel this is a detriment to the format as a whole and has made the format feel like a glorified pop format for much of the 2010's, a dumping ground for CHR/Hot AC when they find pop songs too weird to give airplay to. Billie Eilish, to get back on topic, is the natural conclusion of this pop fixation, at least in my opinion.
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    I largely agree with your opinion about 2011-2012 being the best years for alternative. However, I remember cringing when “Face to the Floor” or a Three Days Grace track bumped into a Deathcab or Mumford song. I’ll add to your assessment that Alternative was also grooming artists like Kings of Leon, Cage the Elephant and Black Keys into core artists at this time.Alternative, for me, was at a real high point then. I’d listen to the format more if they went back to that model instead of the poppy sound it’s ‘evolved’ into.

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