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Thread: WPLJ says farewell New York. Any thoughts on final day/shows?

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    Does anyone know where bobby valentine from wplj he use to be on back in the late 80s is these days?

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    Upon doing an internet search for "Bobby Valentine WPLJ" - results are found.
    Internet search is your friend.

    One explains how "Bobby" got his air name (and his different alias prior to WPLJ).

    "Bobby" has been the Light Rail Communications Coordinator for NJ Transit
    since 2015 after a colorful radio stint at New Jersey 101.5 (WKXW).

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    Quote Originally Posted by kidrauhl View Post
    Was interested in getting radio discussions users opinions on the last Todd and Jayde show and race taylors send off. I got a chance to listen to most of the last days shows and I think it was a good send off as good as WRKS in 2012 in my opinion. Also Bill Ayers last show didn’t get a chance to hear it but assume it was good. I also think they could have fit better selection of songs on the last day but that is what it is. Also on the tunein app wplj apparently just disappeared on my app and others who had the station saved in their favourites on tunein wplj either deleted their page or tunein got rid of it. Did anyone else notice wplj just being gone on their tunein app after the station went to k love? Kind of sad because they had show replays and some on demand content on their tunein page so that is too bad.

    No thoughts

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    Quote Originally Posted by staggmovie View Post
    No thoughts
    Ok the whole forum wasnt meant just for your opinion.

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