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Thread: Christian Fauria & WEEI FM Break Chara Broken Jaw Story, Get No Credit.

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    Christian Fauria & WEEI FM Break Chara Broken Jaw Story, Get No Credit.

    But that doesn’t mean talk show hosts can’t practice journalism, as Kirk Minihane showed last year with his Kevin Cullen takedown. In this case, Fauria was citing a source. He wasn’t bloviating.

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    Chara did play in last night's loss to the St. Louis Blues but he didn't look nearly as aggressive as he normally is (understandably so). The initial reports said Chara could not open his mouth or speak but he clearly was not having any trouble breathing last night (other than the pain which isn't visible over TV). Probably on a liquid diet as well which can't be good for his game. And, in case anyone doesn't know of this guy, he is 6'9" tall - the tallest player to have ever played in the NHL. He is also 42 years old which is getting on for hockey players.

    Personally, when someone "breaks" their jaw it is usually wired shut to aid healing. Chara's jaw clearly was not wired last night leading me to believe it might have been cracked instead of a clean break. In any case it will definitely affect the player.
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