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Thread: Stations taking shots at other stations?

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    Stations taking shots at other stations?

    Does this happen much in your area, or anywhere you go. Alternative 96.5 The Buzz used to do this a lot with CHR Mix 93.3. Any other examples?

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    Nothing new. I remember "Jock Wars" going back to the 70's. Talent working (typically) nights used to be encouraged to attack their competition. Programming folks thought it fed red meat to certain listeners that enjoyed adopting rivalries of their favorite station vs. someone in their circle that liked the other station.

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    Here is a famous one WCBS 880 taking shots on 1010 WINS over All News Radio. But that was prior to the CBS/ Group W Merger where WINS and WCBS operations went to CBS Radio. As of 2019 WCBS and WINS are flagship stations for Entercom.

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