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Thread: Jack Diamond Says Farewell

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    Quote Originally Posted by staggmovie View Post
    Welcome aboard, I hope you are having fun
    Staggmovie, please stop tolling this forum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johndavis View Post
    - He will come back on the air from 6 to 7 Friday night to close out the station (flip is apparently at 7PM)
    My usual station will have a ball game at that time. This might be interesting. If I'm still on the computer I'll be sure to tune in.

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    I was not still on the computer and even when I tried listening online, I was having difficulty. Is this available for people to listen to?

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    Now an aircheck of the WRQX flip to EMF has been released.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RadioPatrol View Post

    Now an aircheck of the WRQX flip to EMF has been released.
    I enjoyed that. What I wasn't expecting on a Hot AC station was hearing a song I really liked, but the man said he didn't have to play something that was in the format. What were they going to do, fire him?

    The legal station ID said it "is" a Cumulus station. For a few more seconds, maybe.

    No bitterness. Classy, like someone said. But they are supposedly coming back, so it's all good.

    I'm not clear on what happened when the change took place. Was WRQX finishing a song? When the logo changed on the screen there was already this unpleasant mess which could have been either Hot AC or Christian "music". All those stations were welcomed at the same time after the noise ended. That was nice of them.

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    Hmm. Is Mix 107.3 moving to a new frequency perhaps? I've heard that Mix has done fairly well in ratings..

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