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Thread: Russia's New Internet Law

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    Russia's New Internet Law

    So here's something interesting. Imagine if the US built a wall across the internet. That's what they want to do in Russia:

    I bet it won't stop them from attacking the US through Facebook.

    Build The Wall!

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    The Chinese have had this for about as long as they've had the internet.

    It's called The Great Firewall. Literally tens of thousands of employees are assigned to seeing that
    "unapproved" content can't be accessed by users within China.

    I have a colleague whose daughter is going to China later this summer. The tour group held an orientation
    meeting to tell them that pretty much anything they would have used to stay in touch during her travels
    (Facebook, WhatsApp, Yahoo! mail) is inaccessible from mainland China due to The Great Firewall. The tour
    leader helped them sign up for accounts with "approved" Chinese alternatives.

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    i think Russia is reverting back to communism with Putin in charge anyway.

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    All the Russians need to do is sign an agreement with to put its one server as the gateway to the Russian network and the resultant slowdown (stoppage?) would frustrate Russian users so much that the use of the Internet would quickly drop to zero.
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