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Thread: Cumulus Media Seeks Foreign Ownership Ruling From FCC

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidEduardo View Post

    But, in general, many countries around the world allow a percentage... usually less than the majority... of foreign ownership of local media outlets.
    For a period of time NPR actually owned a radio station in Germany.

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    That signal is now being programmed by KCRW in Santa Monica, branded as "KCRW Berlin."

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBigA View Post
    You're right, and here's an update on your linked story. In February, the FCC approved the company, which is 100% Italian owned, to buy the stations. So there is precedent to what Cumulus is seeking to do:
    Having recently driven from one end of Italy to the other, (literally) spending a lot of time listening to the radio, I was quite impressed how well the Italians did, in particular, with music radio. There was a series of stations that carried their version of Classic Rock, that I spent most of the time listening to.

    Besides having a really tight and well managed playlist, I was impressed with their use of RBDS-station forwarding in my rental car radio. Driving along my radio would automatically, seamlessly, switch to another transmitter site that carried the same station/format. I could literally listen to that one station from Lake Como to Mezzogiorno.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBigA View Post
    The US government owns radio stations in lots of foreign countries. The US military owns AFRTS stations throughout the world, and many US companies own radio and TV stations in other countries. As far as foreign entities "messing with the US," you should know that both China and Russia broadcast government sponsored radio programming on US stations. However, those stations are owned by US citizens. Same with social media. Those companies are US owned, but the internet is world wide. So they're accessible to anyone in the world.

    The sale of any broadcast station would require the permission of the FCC. If an adversary tried to buy a station, the FCC could deny the sale. And by the way, if a citizen objects to any person buying a broadcast station, they could file a petition to deny. Lots of options available. No reason to prohibit innocent foreigners just because of the few bad ones.
    The trouble is when the 'bad ones' are discovered?
    Remember, there are many Americans who think Pro Rasslin is real and all the 'reality shows' are real.
    Just don't want to see this country be divided further or for an extremely long time with another source such as Radio.
    Also, if foreign ownership gets approved, then TV will be next.

    Yea, the US runs Armed Forces Radio in other countries but that is clearly 'stamped' of what it is.
    The same for VOA.
    Just not comfortable with foreign oligarchs taking over the airwaves.
    I don't trust the current head of the FCC, he's not looking out for the broadcasters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lester_the_NightFly View Post
    The trouble is when the 'bad ones' are discovered?
    Licenses must be renewed. Anyone can challenge a license at any time. Lots of options. More here than in other countries.

    It's pretty obvious that US companies and citizens aren't interested in buying broadcasting.

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