A new local series from KUED Salt Lake City, This Is Utah, bears a passing resemblance to CBS Sunday Morning. It’s also reminiscent of California’s Gold, the long-running series from the late Huell Howser, produced by KCET Los Angeles.

Producers involved in creating This Is Utah insist it is as unique as the state where it is produced. They’ve filled the magazine with collages of faces and places that are uniquely Utah. The show mines a deep vein of production talent that, in the past, has been on display only sporadically.

KUED has been widely and justly praised for the quality of its documentaries, said Scott Pierce of the Salt Lake Tribune, a local media columnist for nearly three decades. This new eight-episode series, which premiered Thursday, is applying those same high standards on a weekly basis.
A new show is coming to KUED-TV and the comparisons to California Gold and CBS Sunday Morning are mentioned here.