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Thread: Whats the story with "Free Talk Radio"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cap-n Spackle View Post
    OK, calm down. Just checking.
    Wouldn't it have been easier to change the channel in the bedroom to check 1200 than to walk to the kitchen?
    Calm down...LMAO....and to answer your question, if you really must know....NO it would not be easier to change the channel....I had to pee...and the kitchen is on the way......

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    Free Talk Live is OUT....John Batchelor is in.........

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    The WRKO site does say for 1200 Clyde Lewis at midnight and. 4 Hrs of Batchelor at 1 am

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    And actually 1200 is back to Fox Sports 1-5 am

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    Quote Originally Posted by raccoonradio View Post
    And actually 1200 is back to Fox Sports 1-5 am
    No, actually, Fox Sports starts at 1am and ends at 9am on Talk1200 Boston.

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    Are they re-running old Batchelor shows?

    I noticed that last night his voice sounded stronger, just like his old self prior to his illness. Hopefully he's doing well.

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