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Thread: What's going on here?

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    What's going on here?

    What's happening over at the other board (Radio Insight)?

    The following is displayed on screen:

    This site has been archived or suspended.
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    From what I can see the main radioinsight site is up but the messageboard, /community, is not.

    Doing a search on phrase, it could be a WordPress site and either some kind of glitch occurred or WordPress detected something not ok with their terms of service but they respond quickly to inquiries about it.

    No mention of it on radioinsight's twitter.

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    Or as sitelock puts it;
    "Let’s start with what this means. Your website has been suspended, which means the hosting provider has temporarily taken it offline. Website hosts often suspend websites for a myriad of reasons ranging from malware to spam. They suspend websites when needed to protect their servers that host tons of other websites, so they don’t get infected too."

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    Just curious, given that the Boston Radio Watch blog has not been updated since 15 Feb, which was exactly THREE months ago.

    Thanks for the info.

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    There is no announcement about the outage but I remember it happening before--getting that message or something like it.
    A post by the admin from Oct of 2017 says in part: "We had a pretty major database corruption on late Tuesday evening.
    After two days mostly spent trying to find the faulty tables I was able to restore mostly everything back to the way it was."

    So maybe it was something like that, again...

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