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Thread: WJMJ moves its translator down 0,2

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    WJMJ moves its translator down 0,2

    Last Friday, I was listening to WJMJ when I heard the DJ tell listeners that its Hamden translator had moved from 93.1 to 92.9 MHz. I'm in Meriden and had never received anything but WHYN-FM on 93.1, so I checked out 92.9 to see if the new translator was doing any better. Sure enough, there it was, fighting it out with WEHN from Long Island. Goodbye to another AAA listening option for me!

    OK, so why did WJMJ have to move the translator? Complaints from WHYN-FM listeners? I would think the WEHN listeners would be affected to a much greater extent by an 8-watt signal from Hamden.

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    Horrible interference with WEHM and unlistenable. WEHM was a solid signal on the shoreline and a favorite of mine. Very bummed about this move.

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    It's a waste. Was driving around Southington today and in a lot of areas 92.9 was crystal clear as was parent station on 88.9 FM. MIX 93.1 was full of static all over town, when in some places in town I used to be able to pick them up. When the JMJ translator was on 93.1 the only place I ever picked them up was on Route 10 in Cheshire and then if the wind changed direction it switched to MIX 93.1.

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