The changes at The Fox's sister station station WKJY 98.3 (as mentioned above) seem odd. Apparently its 2 personalities broadcast from 6 am-2 pm. The station seems to be automated from 2-5 PM, and then broadcasts the syndicated John Tesh Show from 5-10 pm. Of course it then goes automated after 10 pm.
So there are no local personalities after 2 pm on weekdays. If a station only has two dj's, why wouldn't they have one of them on during afternoon drive? Tesh could then be moved to evenings.
Another thing I noticed about the station is that despite the imaging indicating it is a soft a/c, ("Relax') the only significant change in the music, as far as I can tell, is that now some 70's songs are being played. Musically, it still seems to be a regular A/C.