the lucha libre world and wrestling world is in mourning as a legend of the sport died in a wrestling ring in England last night. During a wrestling match against another Mexican lucha libre legend Juventud Guerrera at a lucha libre wrestling event in London, England, the legendary Mexican luchador Silver King, real name Cesar Cuauhtemoc Gonzalez Barron passed away in the ring at the end of his match against Guerrera.

There was video of the match where the tragic death occured, but out of respect, i won't posted it but i will transcribe what happened as i have saw the video. In the final moments of the match, Guerrera hit a few clotheslines on Silver King, only for him to hit one back at Guerrera, as he was going from a planned pin that Guerrera kick out at 2 of, Silver King collases in the ring, he then attampts to get back up and Guerrera kicks him in the chest as Silver King falls back down. Gurrera would then attempt to pin him for the 3 count, and had trouble lifting him as he was completely out and may had already been dead. after Guerrera lifted him in his second attempt to pin him, Guerrera finally gets him on his back to legally pin the now assumed dead wrestler as in wrestling, the wrestler needs to pin his opponet in the ring with his back to the mat. Back to the match itself, the ref in the match a breif pause in between the 2nd and 3rd count to end the match. after the match, officials, other wrestlers and medial staff (who aren't trained EMTs) entered the ring knowning they had a possible death in the ring, even Guerrera returned in the ring out of concern. The event was not even scheduled to be over after that match, but after the match, the ring announcer for the event told the fans they were taking a intermission which turned out, was the de facto end of the show as Silver King's death lead to the remainer of the event be canceled.

At this time, it is suspected that Silver King died in the ring from a massive heart attack. he was 51 years old.

he was best known outside of the Mexican Lucha Libre world of wrestling from his tenure in WCW from 1997 to 2000 were he left the promotion a year before it went out of business as a result of the cancelation of Nitro and Thunder on the Turner Networks of TNT and TBS as WarnerMedia (at the time of WCW's folding, was AOL Time Warner after completed a merger that came right at the end of the Dot Com Bubble that was undone in the mid 2000s when they spun off AOL) was trying to sell the promotion, in which they did find a buyer, the rival WWE bought them out (at the time, they were still WWF). He also worked in Japanese pro wrestling promotins All Japan Pro Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling where he was Black Tiger III. He also played the luchafdor villian Ramses in the 2006 cult hit Lucha Libre themed comedy film Nacho Libre in which he co-stared with Jack Black. He was the son of lucha libre legend Dr. Wagner and the younger brother of fellow lucha legend Dr. Wagner Jr.

The story from the Los Angeles Times:

He will be missed in the lucha world and the world of wrestling in general. RIP Silver King.