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Thread: WPHT Update

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    Inside Radio is reporting that Hannity gets the boost back to live coverage from 3-6PM on WPHT.

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    Turn out the lights at noon and call it a day. Save a set of salaries.

    Contrary to his opining,’Zeoli had to see the writing on the wall. Make the move or lose the gig.

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    Limbaugh needs an outlet here . Thankfully he has one .
    As for Zeoli moving to mornings , this sucks . Big time . Guy is witty, smart and the whole crew are entertaining . He sounds ok with it , but with 2 young children , getting up at 330
    will get old REAL soon. Besides his tsl’s in the afternoon were really high . Won’t be in the am . This station let Stigall go and now they move Zeoli. Don’t think Dawn is too crazy about it either for she too has a young family . They’re losing me . At least I have Levin at 6.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Weed View Post
    Besides his tsl’s in the afternoon were really high . Won’t be in the am .
    Bingo. I think we will remember this in a few months. Morning drive is different from afternoon drive.

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    Choice A: Move to morning and have a job. Choice B: don't move to morning and be replaced when we move a syndicated show into the slot. I mean, it's a choice, but it's also kind of "not" a choice. Personally, I'd choose mornings in any case even with a family. While I'd miss the morning "goodbyes," I'd be there (most of the time) when they got home, and for dinner. Afternoon drive...not so much. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

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    Syndicated Joe Pags gets 9P - Midnight.

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