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How is a bomb threat any different from any other kind of attack on a station, its staff or its philosophy?

I have been in a radio station when a Maoist terror organization bombed the lower floor of the building. I have had my own first station taken over by guerillas and the DJ on the air was severely beaten. I managed a station that had its transmitter site firebombed by Cuban pro-Castro agents. I've been threatened by soldiers of a dictatorship holding automatic weapons. And these are just a few examples of what a broadcaster can experience if they represent opinions or beliefs that others disagree with.

All these cases are on-topic: threats and attacks on stations or broadcasters themselves.
I ma sure you already know the answer to your question, in less you just like to challenge me more. But i would think it would be off topic since it doesn't seme at least to me, of what was close to what was being talked about. As the original post was about the man that had death threats against Ben Shapiro.