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Thread: Hulu says it now has 26.8M paid subscribers

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    Hulu says it now has 26.8M paid subscribers

    Hulu today announced that it now has more than 28 million subscribers and that 26.8 million of those are paid subscriptions.

    The new public subscriber figures for Hulu suggest that the service has grown significantly since the start of the year. In early April during an investor day for its upcoming streaming service, Disney said that Hulu was at 25 million subscribers (23 million of those paid).

    “In today’s direct-to-consumer world, viewers are demanding better when it comes to TV -- from the user experience to their content choices to the advertising,” said Hulu CEO Randy Freer in a statement. “Hulu’s continued growth, as well as the shows and initiatives announced today, reflect our deep investment in product, programming, brand, customer experience and business strategy to ensure that with Hulu, consumers can connect with the stories they love, at the right time and price, on any device.”
    Hulu released a statement on the number of subscribers to the venue.

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    Almost as many as Sirius, and they did it in less time.

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    I will admit that I did register a account with Hulu well before they started offering paid subscriptions but it was not until Hulu had a promotional offer for their paid subscription that had limited ads which was $5.99 a month plus Sales Tax which in PA where I live is 6% excluding Allegheny County which adds 1% on top of the sales tax or Philadelphia which adds 2 % on top of the sales taxes there (I do not live in either fortunately) until that rate became the rate for their cheapest paid subscriptions this year (Interestingly the rates I was paying due to the promotional offer was in my case was actually extended for another year before it became permanent). Even then it was until after I did have a Credit Card that issued to me for the first time (It was a Visa issued through Credit One Bank and I currently have 5 Credit Cards including one from Credit One) when the promotional off was actually available and even then it was in late 2017 when I actually did get a Hulu Subscription.

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    Is the $5.99 a month rate for new subscribers and/or limited time only? The last time I checked I was still being charged $7.99 plus tax.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anotherguy View Post
    Is the $5.99 a month rate for new subscribers and/or limited time only? The last time I checked I was still being charged $7.99 plus tax.
    In my case the $5.99 (Plus Sales Tax) rate was a promotional offer when I got a paid subscription to Hulu the rate you are said to be paying tells me that it depends on the circumstances.

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