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Thread: WNYH 740 AM

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    WNYH 740 AM

    Not hearing this station today. Normally they are one of several stations carrying Spanish religion Radio Cantico. Perhaps the religious broadcaster stopped leasing it?
    Of course it is also possible they are experiencing technical issues.
    As WNYH has a decent signal, it would be good to hear it carry something a little bit more mass appeal, even if it is leased or syndicated programming. But I do realize that increasingly, AM stations are carrying brokered ethnic or religious stuff.

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    I couldn't pick them up in Connecticut either. Normally they blast in here. I used to listen to them when they were running the Oldies format which was sometime before they were running Radio Cantico Nuevo. I liked them as an Oldies station because they weren't playing 80s and 90s music like The Big D 102.9 FM in Hartford was doing.

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