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Thread: Philadelphia ratings

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    Philadelphia ratings

    Looking at the ratings everything looks good. WMGK looks low. WMMR beated WMGK which is rare

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    I hate to be this guy but I think you mean "WMMR beat WMGK"
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    Nothing TOO monumental last month.

    B101 climbing back to the top of the pack, with WOGL essentially steady. WMGK's hit... coming back down to earth, or a fluke?

    The Breeze may have hit their plateau, but pulling a 4.8 in the vanity numbers isn't bad at all.

    Is the low 3's Radio 104.5's new ratings home? Is this because of the station presentation, or is Alt music in a down cycle right now?

    Q102 and 96.5 TDY remain neck and neck in the CHR battle.

    WPPZ showing signs of life with their new "Classix" format.

    And is this the first time that Z99.9 outright beat Mega 105.7 in the Spanish ratings?

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    Looking at the ratings Ben fm is doing well enough its not getting a format change

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    The only big story is what is happening with WMGK. I suppose it could be a fluke but they dropped 4 places in 6+, and five places in both 25-54 (from #2 to #7) and 18-49 (#5 to #10).

    I'm also not too sure the folks at Entercom and iHeart agree with the idea that TDY and Q102 are neck-and-neck. In 18-34, WTDY is #2 and WIOQ is #6. And for what it's worth, WTDY is up three places in 18-49 as well, landing around fifth place. I don't think anyone saw it coming but, at least for a little while now, 96.5 has been topping 102.1.
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