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Thread: KLOS Sold - Now it's a Fact!

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    I was streaming KLOS out of curiosity and they were spinning "Too Bad" by Rival Sons and not long afterwards they spun the "Blue on Black" cover by Five Finger Death Punch.

    They've also been sprinkling 90's and 00's rock into the playlist.

    I am not so sure this is going to be a classic rocker for much longer. The new ownership seems to want to convert KLOS into a Mainstream Rock station, albeit gradually.

    Image for posterity/proof.


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    That's nothing new; what you observed predates the sale and has been occurring for many months. Although, I will say right around the time 100.3 The Sound went away, KLOS did revert to a nearly all Classic Rock sound, but that lasted only a handful of months.

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