Disney has some important content distribution decisions to make beginning this year as it weighs the strengths of Hulu and Disney+, two key components of its streaming video strategy.

Disney+ is launching in November, and already has a sizable lineup of originals mixed with Disney (and now Fox) library content. Hulu is still owned in part by Disney and Comcast, but Disney now has complete control over the streaming service.

So, the subject of what service gets what content naturally came up last weekend at the Produced By conference, where Agnes Chu, senior vice president of content for Disney+, and Craig Erwich, senior vice president of content for Hulu, sat on a panel together. According to Deadline, Chu brought up a recent conversation that Disney+ had with a documentary team about making exclusive content for Disney+, but also leaving open the door to Hulu if some of the deal’s output would make more sense on Hulu’s platform.
How Hulu and Disney+ will be managed