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Thread: Alt 92.3 vs

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    Alt 92.3 vs

    I wanted to ask which is a better station/brand?

    Alt 92.3 or

    Which station do YOU think has a core following and is real true about alternative rock??

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    I'll bite! Interesting question since it's not really an apples to apples comparison and we're talking about a radio station in 2019 vs. late 90's/early 00's. I grew up in SouthWestern CT (Stamford area) so K-Rock was my main station though I did listen to LIR from time to time. LIR was a nice alternative to K-Rock since, while they both reported as Alternative, LIR's motto was "new wave and new rock" in the late 90's which meant you heard several artists there that K-Rock wouldn't touch. One of the most frustrating things about a being an alternative station listener in the late 90's/early 00's is that K-Rock was the most conservative station and morphed into a bit of a modern/Active rock hybrid from late 97-2001 (Seriously, they'd have a "Retro Rock" promo and play LEd Zeppelin, AC/DC, Van Halen even though we already had a classic rock station). LIR would play a lot of the more Modern AC stuff and alternative titles that would only get a few spins on K-Rock, particularly the ska stuff and female artists. I actually liked the DJ's at LIR since they seemed to not be constantly trying to ape Howard Stern. LIR tried to embrace the nu metal era a bit when they did LIR After Dark in 1999 by playing Korn, Powerman 5000, Limp Bizkit but I don't think it worked out so well for them and left the panel around 2000-01 and became a alternative/dance hybrid. It was definitely a great place for people weaned on alternative radio of the 80's who still had an interest in keeping up with modern music but didn't care of the knuckle-head rock that dominated the charts at the time.

    Compared to Alt 92.3, I'd say LIR had a bit more of an expansive playlist but again really hard to compare due to the fact that listeners didn't have a ton of streaming alternatives (pardon the pun) at the time. I like alt 92.3's music selection but the production seems so tight that the DJ's barely get to interject any personality. It's funny to me that Cane is on this station but isn't able to fully demonstrate his personality like he did on K-Rock back in the day. Either way, glad that NYC has an alternative station again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by p_herring View Post
    I'll bite! Interesting question since it's not really an apples to apples comparison and we're talking about a radio station in 2019 vs. late 90's/early 00's.
    Some interesting comments p_herring but you appear to have misunderstood the question. The question relates to a comparison of Alt 92.3 and the internet/HD3 station WLIR.FM and not the original WLIR-FM.

    By way of background, WLIR.FM began at the same time Morey flipped 107.1 WLIR-FM to the short lived "neo-breeze" incarnation in September 2005. With Morey's blessing, Bob Wilson, who was a long time employee of WLIR-FM (and even owned Speaker Kits for those who remember the progressive version of WLIR-FM) took the alternative format to the internet where it has been ever since. He was able to obtain jingles, bumpers and ID's from WLIR-FM and create an excellent internet version which he continues to program and refine today. The WLIR.FM of today is what WLIR-FM would have become if the format had stayed on the air and had not been tinkered with. WLIR.FM is, in essence today, WLIR-FM.

    The question Mr. Steigner asked relates to ALT 92.3 vs WLIR-FM. While both stations play "alternative" music, ALT is corporate music and what the music companies want you to hear to help promote their artists. ALT uses the same formula as most of the other ALT and non ALT alternative stations throughout the country so there's no so special sauce to attract listeners. WLIR.FM on the other hand is truer to it's roots. It has quite a bit of new music similar to ALT but it also plays a healthy dose of new wave, punk etc music made famous by the original WLIR-FM. It's almost entirely commercial free but more importantly, it's curated by someone who knows what the alternative listener wanted and still wants today.

    Yes, I'm in the WLIR.FM camp as far as choice goes. I listen to it all day at work and in my car on my ride home but I would suggest anyone reading this thread give WLIR.FM a listen at WWW.WLIR.FM and decide for themselves. Once you have, post your comments here.

    And remember, it's not ALT, it's LIR!

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    Funny thing...I listen to WLIR.FM all the time. It's better than the ALT brand. At least WLIR plays dance corporate radio wouldn't touch at all. This is why WLIR is still considered "The World's Famous". It's because they broke bands nobody has ever heard of. They were the originators of "Alternative Rock" despite playing dance music as well. YoYoGo is right...Let the listeners compare ALT and WLIR.FM to see who's the real champ of Alternative Rock.

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