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Thread: KOAI Sound Checks

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    KOAI Sound Checks

    Years ago, and I believe it was on another radio forum, someone posted four segments of The Oasis programming, back when they were on 106.1, when Smooth Jazz was just starting. I have those files and to this day, I listen to them, from time to time. Lots of great memories listening to The Oasis when it first started. Does anyone know how to get more of those segments, if they still exist? Just would love some more variety. I think that the station was required to submit a certain amount of air play recordings to the FCC, but I am not 100% sure about that.

    Just would like to get my hands on some of them if possible.

    Thank you!

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    Doggone it, I thought surely someone would be able to help me.

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    Well, for one thing, it's never been required for a radio station to send airchecks to the FCC.

    Stations that keep recordings of their broadcast day do so to verify that commercials played. Back in the day people would do it on a slow speed tape with horrendous audio quality (but then again, all we wanted was proof of performance) and they would only be kept for 30 days. Even though hard drives are cheap, most stations don't roll a recording on every day nowadays, or if they do they only record when the jock is talking.

    You might find recordings made by radio geeks of various stations uploaded to You Tube, but it's a long shot at best.

    When radio people make airchecks to get better jobs, we don't record the music, just the talk.
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    Only a very few logger tapes have survived. By a quirk of fate, two full days of CKLW programming from 1973 survived on logger tapes, (in the collection of former Big 8 jock Scott Miller) which were lovingly restored by Charlie Rittenberg and contributed to and other places. There are also full broadcast days of WOWO that were restored that way. I have to think the full broadcast day of WLW from the day of the JFK assassination were from a logger tape.

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