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Thread: HOT 93.7 turned 18

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    I don't remember WEBE having ads on WCBS Newsradio 88, but I do remember WEZN doing it. At the time WEZN was beautiful music, and figured its listeners would likely hear WCBS on the drive home from a job in NYC, then switch to WEZN once they were in Connecticut.

    >>>WWYZ’s call letters refer to the Easy Listening station's positioning as the "wise music lover's choice." The station was a huge success when they first flipped from Easy Listening/Beautiful Music to Adult Contemporary about 1978. Bob Craig was the Program Director and John Sebastian was the consultant. Initially, they were the “Natural 92.” They played album cuts, but focused on artists like James Taylor and Gordon Lightfoot. Eventually WWYX evolved to a more traditional Adult Contemporary station.<<<

    I wouldn't say this period was AC. It was Soft Rock. As Mikedow explained, the Natural 92 played mostly album cuts, concentrating on songs and artists you'd hear on an album rock station, but only their softer songs. WWYZ mostly stayed away from artists who were only heard on Top 40 or AC stations. And WIOF 104.1 was similarly formatted, but WIOF used I believe the TM "Beautiful Rock" format, also popular on WMGK Philadelphia and WMJC Detroit. Locally programmed soft rock formats were also heard on 92.3 WKTU New York, 97.1 WYNY New York, 103.3 WEEI-FM Boston, and 93.1 KNX-FM Los Angeles.

    At the time, singer-songwriters and soft rock was a major component of Album Rock. Carole King and Cat Stevens were as much a part of the AOR format as Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. Soft Rock stations gave you the Joni Mitchell and Jackson Browne songs, but limited Zeppelin to a few songs like "Goin' to California." Eventually the Soft Rock format ran its course and all these stations switched to other formats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregg. View Post
    I don't remember WEBE having ads on WCBS Newsradio 88, but I do remember WEZN doing it.
    By Jove, that's probably the station of which I was thinking! Memory, as they say, is the second thing to go. (At least I had the first two letters of the call sign right.)
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