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Thread: New Vashon based streaming radio

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    And that's what he does for Voice of Vashon, A good person to have.

    What I really meant by "take on the music industry" is he knows how to help a station keep compliant with reporting. Voice of Vashon needed a solution for reporting what was played during some live shows. He wrote what VoV (Voice of Vashon) call our "Now Playing" software so that talent could manually enter in the information for reporting. When in automation it passes the meta data from Automation. then the info is pushed out to RDS, website now playing, pushes meta data for webstream and logs it locally. The best part it runs on a Raspberry Pi3b. He actually helps generate VoV reports for BMI and Sound exchange.

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    Don't misinterpret my question as being critical of him starting a stream. It's great that he's taking on writing so much code from scratch, and that they're able to create reports of what music is played to Sound Exchange and all. The harsh reality remains; royalty and licensing fees for streaming music have become a back-breaker for much larger streaming companies and even radio groups. I was just curious how they are accounting for those costs as a small start-up, considering those costs are about to go up another 44%.

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