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Thread: WBBF simulcasting WHTT

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    Spanish format here we come!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WJPYFM View Post
    Spanish format here we come!
    Buffalo is only 5% Hispanic. In most older communities in the Northeast, many of which had their first influx of Hispanics in the 50's and 60's during the big Puerto Rican diaspora, the usage of Spanish is lower than in the high-growth cities of the South and Southwest. The failure of Clear Channel's Philadelphia Spanish language FM was due to this fact.

    Considering that there is likely not a big enough advertiser base in the Hispanic community itself to cover the basic costs, and the interest in attracting Spanish dominant customers may be low among general market businesses, Buffalo does not seem to meet the criteria for support of a Spanish language station.

    Cleveland, which has a "newer" and slightly larger Hispanic community has a FrankenFM Spanish CHR, but it apparently has never appeared in Nielsen and seems to be a low biller. As a rule, Hispanics are attracted to AM even less than general market listeners are and they have a considerably higher use of smartphones, so they will not flock to an AM daytime music station. 1120 seems to be associated with two translators which are not Cumulus property, so there is a question of whether the translators came with the format or whether they have a longer-term association with 1120.
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