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    Quote Originally Posted by wadio View Post
    That's pretty arrogant, don't you think? Pfff! Blow off the listener. Good strategy!
    It might also be arrogant to demand a personal service on something that makes no money for a station. From their POV, if you're not in their market, you don't show up as a listener. Have you contacted the radio station and complained about their spot repetition? If you don't tell them, how do you expect them to know? Their focus is their local on air signal. Not you listening on someone else's streaming platform. It's not even on their radar.

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    It's tune-out. If the broadcaster doesn't care, so be it. Endless posts of puffery won't change the issue. Either it's worth mixing up the spots or it's not. If the spots contribute nothing to the bottom line, why even run them? Tune-out. Speaking of tune-out, is there a filter user function on this board?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBraddock View Post
    Speaking of tune-out, is there a filter user function on this board?
    Sure! It's in "settings." Click that, then look an the left side for My Settings and Edit Ignore List.

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    Even better would be a filter that would block all posts where the poster uses the word "you" more that three times. That would solve the problem!

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