Hey Guys:

After some research I have fixed the 107.3 XHFG Timeline.

107.3 XHFG History Timeline (NEW LIST CORRECTED)

August 1, 1980-XHFG-Spanish Top 40 "Fiesta Grande 107.3"

____________-XHFG-Spanish AC "La Nueva Onda 107.3, Amor Sin Fronters" Ex 9-90

____________-XHFG-Spanish AC "Digital 107.3, La Onda Hispana" Ex 92

____________-XHFG-Spanish AC "Stereo 107.3, Mas Musica, Tu Conexion"

________1999-XHFG-Spanish/Hot AC "Stereo 107.3, Mas Musica, Tu Conexion" (Added New)

________2002-XHFG-Spanish Top 40 "107.3 Pulsar-FM", 2007: "Pulsar 107.3 FM

I flip floped "La Nueva Onda 107.3" and "Digital 107.3". Can anybody fill in the blanks.

I know "Pulsar" existed in August of 2002 and Geraldo Lopez started working at 107.3 FM as Regional Program Director in December 2001.

Would anyone happen to know when in 2002 Stereo 107.3 changed to Pulsar 107.3?

Tommy C.