It would appear the station has built out their construction permit. They had been 250 Watts Non Directional from a tower just NW of Limon but hadnt reliably been on the air from in the later part of the last decade up until a few years ago. A commercial operator sold them to The Catholic Radio Network of Kansas City a few years ago and thestaton has limped along on 10 and 100 watt longwireSTA's for a few years.

I heard catholic radio programming from EWTN on 1120khz for the first time ever this morning in Laramie, Wyoming and KCRN is the only station on 1120 listed as an EWTN affiliate. About 705 am mountain time, I got an ID for "KLIM Limon" which was their call letters until December 2018

Checking the FCC database, and thanks to engineer Mark Humphrey, it looks like they've filed a form 302-AM which is a license to cover for their 50kw/2 tower facility several miles west of Limon. They may have been granted program test authority but it isnt showing up yet. They also filed a license to cover on their translator, K283AS 102.3 Black Forest, CO and it's new location.