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Thread: John Saville voice-tracking on The River 105.9

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    John Saville voice-tracking on The River 105.9

    Was surprised when I was listening to The River 105.9 after 12AM this morning to hear John Saville voice-tracking. John's been associated with Country 92.5 on and off for over 25 years! (He also did mornings on 102.9 WDRC-FM for a couple of years a while back). Yes I know Country 92.5 and The River 105.9 are co-owned.

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    Yes I tune him in on late Sunday nights.I always enjoyed his work on 92.5 and 102.9.I've met up with him several times over the years..Nice guy..Hi John.......

    I have some of his weeknight hour feature series "Hot Artist Spotlight" from 92.5 on cassettes somewhere here.....

    105.9's morning show need to get spiced up a bit .No offense to Fish. Strange to hear 3 different sources like FOX 61 traffic and Channel 3 news top 3 news headlines and channel 8 weather on the show......Also notice the news clips are reruned several times with no updates....
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