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    I listen non stop on line, does this station really exist over the air. When I visited Detroit I could not pick them up. Most of the time the run like a jukebox, no liners, no talk, no ID, nothing but off the wall oldies and doo wop plus a few big hits, which is unheard of in this day and age. I'm really hooked on this, the music is fantastic, but how can they really exist. There is a jock that comes on at 9:00AM Philly time. It would be nice if we had this in Philly instead of all the drek on the AM band...Lucky you out there.

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    Per Radio-Locator.... WPON-AM 1460 kHz, Walled Lake, Michigan

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    Are they back on the air? They had been off for an extended period of time due to legal issues
    involving their transmitter site. The programming continued over the internet and on sister station
    WCXI in Fenton.

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    If you look close on google street maps 2012 you can see a few towers off the main road, fast forward to google street 2018 and the towers are gone and there are hundreds of new homes in that spot, but no towers. Where did they go, also I emailed them a few times and the emails came back. I think the lights are on but nobodys home...

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    Perhaps one day they will be back on 1460 with the Oldies Format, Even better on 1160 that would be great!

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    I doubt it. There's too many signals on the air in that market and it's time to thin the herd, so to speak.
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    The conductivity isn't very good at either the new or previous site. Even though the M-3 Map says 8, its more like 3. Their original site at Square Lake and Telegraph was much better, and it was 1000 watts nondirectional in the Daytime. They should have figured out some arangement with the people who bought the land to put the towers on top of whatever they built there. At least the one nondirectional Daytime tower should have stayed there.

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