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Thread: Norman Goldman announces his his ending his talk show

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    Norman Goldman announces his his ending his talk show

    I wasn't aware old this until a mention of it was made in a Facebook group, that last night Norman Goldman announced on his show that he is ending his syndicated talk show. If you didn't hear you can hear it via a podcast at his home page at . You can listen to the first hour of his show for free commercial free, other then that yo have to pay to hear the rest of his podcast. I am not aware of when his final show will be, so listen as much as you can or keep listening to see when his last show is.

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    Only 7 affiliates, all on AM broadcasting an evening show. His affiliates have a combined 10,450 watts. 10,950 if you include those with FM translators.

    He was basically doing a podcast anyway.
    "Its music what makes a radio station, and at Live FM, we play the last music around."
    After receiving that copy, I quit the VO industry.

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    Most of AM radio is dead and Political Talk Radio is following suit for the next generation.

    The 18-35 don't care about Political Talk Radio.

    Limbaugh ratings are way down, that's why he's been off the I-Heart power stations for years.

    WLS AM is pulling a 1.1 share, 26th in the market.
    They're trying Ben Shapiro for afternoons, we'll see what happens but I bet they won't move much.

    In Los Angels KEIB is pulling a .7 share.

    The biggest difference is Norm did not have big pocket supporters to keep him a float.
    Fox N*ws has lost most of their ad dollars and are using the cable subscription fees to keep them afloat.

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