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Thread: Delmarva Broadcasting Sold to Forever Media

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    Quote Originally Posted by AMRocks View Post
    I think it was because 1) many AM stations were looking for FM counterparts/translators, etc. The 101.7 was a good fit and 2) the signal isn't that great in Wilmington. (If you do a quick look on Radio-Locator, when you pull up "Wilmington DE," 101.7 isn't even on the list!) I can't image a station with that signal, with no decent sized city in the primary coverage area, could make much money -- especially as an urban.
    101.7's stick is in western Cumberland County. No wonder Delmarva flipped it.


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    The translator referenced on page 2 by Curtis, yields 80 watts at 250’ for Immaculate Heart with the primary being WWJZ. I would think there would be some minor erosion around Wilmington proper to the 1st adjacent 101.7 for WDEL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdamfromPhilly View Post
    Looks like Forever Media is a trying to pick up another small market. Can't say I like the lack luster branding or arcane personality names, but if they have a niche in the radio landscape. We'll see.
    Maybe they just wanted/needed to invest some 1031 money before the deadline.
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    No irony there.

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    Sale closed today for $18.5 Million

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