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Thread: Gray Blames Feds For Local News Cuts In Casper

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    Gray Blames Feds For Local News Cuts In Casper

    Gray Television is drastically cutting back news at NBC affiliate KCWY Casper, Wyo., blaming the Justice Department’s refusal to allow Gray to also own a CBS affiliate in the market for the move.

    Currently, KCWY has 15 professionals producing 3.5 hours of news each weekday and one hour on Saturday and Sunday, according to a Gray statement released this afternoon.

    By April 9, KCWY and Gray’s KGWN Cheyenne, Wyo., will merge news operations as Wyoming News Now.

    They will simulcast news in the morning, at noon, in latenight and on weekends, but air separate market-focused newscasts in Casper at 5 p.m. and Cheyenne at 5:30 p.m.

    Gray will keep four reporters in Casper.

    KCWY will replace its 6 p.m. newscast with Jeopardy.

    Will KGWN flip to NBC? What happens to CBS in Cheyenne?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mvcg66b3r View Post

    Will KGWN flip to NBC? What happens to CBS in Cheyenne?
    Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see how this change affects network affiliation. The change is for local news.

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    The article is confusing..
    Gray already owns KGWN and KCHY which are in different markets (KGWN CBS Cheyenne and KCHY NBC Casper).

    Their argument is due to Gray wanting to buy KGWC (CBS Casper) from Mark III Media. I'll let wiki take it from here

    Mark III Media announced the sale of KGWC-TV to Gray Television, owner of KCWY-DT, on February 12, 2018.[3] Under the terms of the deal, the KGWC license was to be donated to a non-profit organization and would receive a new call sign and virtual channel number;[4] on March 6, 2018, Gray agreed to donate the license and transmitter to Central Wyoming College, operator of the Wyoming PBS network. Central Wyoming College planned to convert channel 14 into a non-commercial license, with the station being used to broadcast their PBS Kids subchannel full-time in high definition (which is currently unavailable in the area via Wyoming PBS station KPTW).[5][6] CWC reserved the call sign KEWY for the station.[7] Gray would have retained the KGWC call letters and CBS programming, moving them to its low power KCBZ-LD, formerly KSBF-LD (channel 36); per the donation agreement, KCBZ-LD was to have taken the virtual channel 14 PSIP to maintain CBS programming on channel 14.[8] Gray would have acquired and retained KGWR-TV and KGWL-TV.[4] The sale of KGWC-TV and its satellites was canceled in October 2018.

    so all they are going to do is cut newscasts. No different than what has been done in numerous small markets.

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